PT Lintas Media Telekomunikasi

PT Lintas Media Telekomunikasi is a private company which has established a division that specialized in wireless and cellular telecommunication. We offer a cooperation to support your needs to implement the ongoing and planed projects, particularly in providing the project implementation services and supplying installation materials. You can rely on our young, energetic and honest experts in their fields, to achieve maximum efficiency in your capital expenditure.

Lintas Media Telekomunikasi was founded to provide better Telecommunication Consultancy Services in Indonesia, in which has established a business unit that specialized in wireless and cellular telecommunication.   
We have our experienced and competent personnel in each field, covering the area of:

â–ª Project Management
â–ª Network Planning, Design & Engineering
â–ª Network Infrastructure & Constructions
â–ª Network Equipment Installation, Testing & Commissioning
â–ª Network Maintenance & Optimization
â–ª Network Solutions  
1. Real-field experience personnel with strong technical background and in-depth knowledge of cellular systems.  This eliminates the flaws of processes that may appeared in project implementation.
2. Young talented Indonesian professional with high qualifications and international experience in telecommunication Industry.
3. Combined corporate culture of international and local attitude in delivering inter- national standard grade of services in humble and friendly  manners to  achieve maximum customer satisfaction level.   

a. The business opportunity in telecommunication sector is more widely opened.
b. Capability to compete in the market favorably and fairly.
c. The willingness to develop leadership.
d. The willingness to create and to innovate.
e. The willingness to strong image/corporate identity.
f. The willingness to increase professionalism.
g. The willingness to develop strong teamwork.